Mois : octobre 2014

Russians QPSK/MFSK16 & XPA2 polytone -relation-

qpsk_mfsk16Today the experimental Russian QPSK/MFSK16 waveform was active again:
* 2 minutes of idling 1866.65 Bd dQPSK, showing a gap at ~1380Hz  + mFSK-16 datas (~16.5Bd or ~32.5Bd / 175Hz spacing), offset ~1850Hz

The interesting thing is that XPA2 polytone station was active between 1300z & 1350z (10min skeds) on the exact frequencies used this morning by the QSPK/MFSK16!



Sep, 2014 logs for the Russian QPSK/MFSK16:


10688.0 LSB Chinese net (voice+selcal+digi)

Some bursts visible on my local RX near that freq, switching to a Japanese remote RX gave much better results..
2x Chinese operators, plain voice chat + unid selcal system (as described above) + unid digimode, too weak to get analyzed correctly i’m afraid.
I think the selcal is the same as shown on this webpage: