F-MIL? 50Bd RATT (5413.5 & 9902.5 & 14921.5)

A French MIL (probably) RATT stream (50Bd/850Hz) became active about Sep, 09 2014 on 9903.0 USB (standard AF offset +2000Hz).
Near Sep, 29 2014 this RATT has moved to 9902.5 USB after some TX pause heard during last week.

Today i’ve tune on a 50/850 RATT on 14921.5 USB, so i decide to check if they are in parallel. Running my local Perseus on 9902.5 & a remote Perseus on 14921.5 simultaneously, recording both & loading in Sonic Visualiser, we can conclude they are… (the short timing offset is due to network latency for the remote RX link)

PS: a carrier is present on ~9905, that is why the upper fsk shown in the screenshot is not clean
PS #2: I have spot another 50/850 RATT last week on 14920.0 USB, probably the same station

*edit (Oct 01, 2014)
Other parallel frequency = 5413.5 USB
And it’s running at 75Bd now

*edit (Oct 10, 2014)
Station was DF by a friend to Roma, Italia
NOT French MIL then….



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