Mois : décembre 2014

24 Dec – HF logs




the « =x0= » net aka « K4MT/NT9P »& others

Strong activity today from this still unid Russian? net:


1st mode of traffic:
Station sending an unid 50/500 SYNC fsk mode for some minutes, (ACF shows peaks at -64,+128,-192,+256…). This mode sounds repetitive and according to the bit stream, it’s mirroring the bit steam datas like:

10011101 01100001 01110001 10110100 1000100110010101 00000010 00001000
01100010 10011110 10001110 01001011 01110110 01101010 11111101 11110111

BTW: Trying to decode that mode in an ASYNC Baudot decoder returns « rt~bzl26~~~~  » strings

2nd mode of traffic:
Station sending 5FG (10x per line) w/ Baudot 50/500/i
Each 50 groups, the concerned lines are finished by « =50= », « =100= », « =150= », « =200= » …

3rd mode of traffic:
CW op chat, for some coordination purposes after the groups being sent (this net uses duplex mode of traffic) – QSX has been often spotted with a 4MHz frequency difference

Callsigns heard so far here: NT9P K4MT PI2W TYA1 9PNT KXI9 VL8D
This net also uses an unid 25Bd/500Hz fsk


UN MINURSO mission in Western Sahara

Long time since i’ve heard that net doing their daily? radio checks.. but tonight i’ve found a new slot in my log (=5835.0 USB)
Radio checks are initiated using the common CCIR 493-4 beaconcall system embedded as options in both Codan or Barrett rigs (and others)

Here are my notes about that active UN network: