unknown 2400Bd QPSK? datalink

Today a new? datalink is active on HF, probably modem experiments..
2x stations exchanging datas, sending 2 bursts each time & changing frequency from time to time..


The system seems to be a 2400Bd QPSK waveform, but notice the constellation isn’t too clean… Signals Analyzer shows an ACF of ~37.45ms and bursts are ~1.765s long in this working mode.
Both stations were strong in the mobile HF, middle east france, but one station was fading very quickly and sometimes not heard at all..

I wonder if this traffic is related to 10244u

Datamode heard on 18MHz & 7MHz, so far
Frequencies logged today:
18178.0 USB 1500z
18210.0 USB 1509z
18213.0 USB 1512z
18263.0 USB 1515z
18266.0 USB 1518z
18360.0 USB 1521z
18363.0 USB 1524z
7786.0 USB 1730z
7789.0 USB 1754z
7791.0 USB 1850z
7843.0 USB 2013z
7846.5 USB 2055z

Logged 21 jan 2014:
10348.0 USB 2210z
10360.0 USB 2230z
10368.0 USB 2318z



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