Mois : avril 2016

modified ALE waveform or faulty modem?

Spotted on 13222.0 usb today, with weak to fair signal. It has the same sound library as the common 2G ALE & also the same baudrate
I think it’s prob another Chinese digimode variant..


edit: just noticed i have already logged that one in Oct 2014, on 12222.2 usb, see below




A weird (prob) Chinese digimode

Spotted this evening from home on 10950.0 usb with a low signal, unfortunately
Short description of what I’ve seen & measured:

  • 4 x mFSK-9 at 62.5Bd
  • each xmit starting with 4 x 3 tones, stepping down from highest AF to lowest AF in a row : start sequence consists of tone #8>#5>#2 (mFSK #4) >> #8>#5>#2 (mFSK #3) >> #8>#5>#2 (mFSK #2) >> #8>#5>#2 (mFSK #1)
  • 1x mFSK-17 at 125Bd burst at the end of activity, supposed the burst to unlink the modems

below some pictures:





The Russian INTEL digimode experiments

RUS_digimode_trials_v5Here is a sheet showing what I have already spot from them
more to follow…

jan 2016 update:
another version of « стра́нный-C » has been spotted using ~131.5Bd, along with the wide 2×64 tone OFDM (zero beat at center)

Apr 2016 update:
a variant of « стра́нный-D » has been spotted on 19, April 2016, I named this as « стра́нный-G » from now (BPSK 250Bd breaks were replaced by FSK 125Bd with 62.5Hz/250Hz & 500Hz shifts)

nov 2016 update:
another version of « стра́нный-C » has been spotted using 66Bd, no preamble