Mois : octobre 2016

24–31 October – HF logs





Marconi 25-tone modem activity

update: net active on 6873.5 USB as well (October, 31)

Tonight a station is sending some bursts on 3898.5 USB
It’s the first time I copied that modem, which is not a really recent technology..
And I have no idea which MIL is still using it.

The burst i have copied..

The preamble zoomed


FAF new frequencies ?

Spotted recently:

20806.0 USB FAF CNOA channel ‘CAPITOLE’ & ‘FAF4010’ enroute towards West Africa

8021.0 USB FAF CNOA? channel ‘DAMO10’ with ‘GENERAL’
‘DAMO10’ gave ETA & ETA max to ‘GENERAL’ for him and also for LETHAL31 (unid)
DAMO is known to be the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye from the French Navy carrier Charles de Gaulle, last time I’ve heard him was during the Lybia2011 conflict..

I suppose those 2016 comms belongs to whatever happens nearby Mosul these days..


~15557.5u unid digimode (to me)

Spotted today between 2 stations, though a STANAG-4197 or 39-tone at first.. but no

Description below:
4x unmodulated tones (shift 750Hz) during 240ms
3x modulated 75Bd BPSK tones (shift 750Hz) during 160ms
26x modulated 75Bd QPSK tones (shift ~94Hz) + doppler tone ~188Hz below 1st tone


20186 (USB/LSB) narrow mFSK-21/mFSK-13 (update)

The station was active again this morning with a fair to good signal (S6-> S9)
Starting its activity at 0830z on a -250Hz FSK standby leg (20186 CF)
At 0840z it went into a « narrow » 2.6kHz BW USB xmit of mFSK-21 125Hz shift at 31.5Bd approx
Then it went to a « narrow » 3kHz BW USB xmit of mFSK-13 250Hz shift at 31.5Bd too
NB: the other sideband was poorly rejected, as it appeared on the waterfall as an image of the current sideband in use…

Here are some screenshots:

full xmit :   idle FSK > mFSK-21 > mFSK-13 > idle FSK

the LSB image seen with an USB xmit seen on top
the idling FSK leg switch before the LSB xmit shown below




All tfc stopped near 0920z (update, still active from time to time this afternoon)



20186 (cf) wide mFSK-17

Spotted today, switching between carrier & mFSK-17
Perhaps 2 stations active in semi-duplex as the tones had a bit of an frequency offset
100Bd measured – 20kHz approx
Checked on the LPDA, seems to come from 110/140 deg, so middle east !?

Later the unid FSK 50/500 with ACF=127 & ACF=31 near EOT has been spotted on the same CF frequency, wonder if that was just a coincidence as the signal & fading were almost the same (also the sounding frames, tfc <> idle were quite identical)

Here are some screenshots:

20186  20186-2


And finally the 50/500 coming up: