Mois : novembre 2016

Swiss Army? 3075.0 LSB

2 operators active in plain voice tfc + Telematik-Set TmS-430 FSK 110Bd/337Hz modem (zero beat) – measured with SA at 220Bd (but here and here)

TmS-430 messages were encrypted as the voice coordination contained some codes to decode the messages, the operator said.
Callsigns: « SIMBA » & « THERMOS »

The PTT release tone, usually heard from the Swiss:


Sample of the voice coordination tfc:

Expediteur SIMBA 
lieu de départ 40 
date 30 11 16 heure 2002
numero de journal 31136
adresse THERMOS
K18 K54 DE G14 A34 E84 M92 G61 1,0O 26,5N A14 E73 K27 PAR K18
Signature SIMBA
Expediteur THERMOS
lieu de départ PC
date 30 11 16 heure 2005
numéro de journal 10123 
adresse SIMBA
914 A04 495 M16 K45 A60 X80 495 P85 Z46 Z29 M43 G59 6,2N 11,4E
Signature THERMOS


Note: this is not the main frequency, the operator mentionned it. They were waiting for the « Valaisans » to come on the calling frequency (not found yet)



Lorient Ecole (French Navy) RTTY tests

Today, I’ve heard some tests between « Lorient Ecole » & « vf »
Manual sent Baudot 75/850/i (offset +1400Hz) on 6721.0 USB then 5455.0 USB with plain voice coordination

« le » & « vf » were linked using another radiolink as « Lorient Ecole » operator voice has been heard in vf transmission

The Baudot on 6721.0 USB:

vf vf vf
le le

ok je repasse sur la fq pricipale
avec cette config

The Baudot on 5455.0 USB:

le le le
vf vf vf
ryr ryryrryry
0 q w e r t y u i o 
int zbz iint zbz

zbz5 zbz5
avec config 3 boutons enfonces

I have no idea who « vf » station is, perhaps a CEPA/10S unit
quick note: qwerty keyboards (azerty ones usually in France)

Russian INTEL experiments

Yet another activity this weekend from the Russians
Signals heard on Saturday, 26 and Sunday, 27 2016 with the same cycle:

 0900z 20834.0 USB
 0910z 19649.0 USB
 0920z 18303.0 USB
 0930z 16076.0 USB
 0940z 14477.0 USB
 0950z 13494.0 USB

It was a mFSK-16 at 66Bd, for ~4min30s, no specific preamble (direct mFSK-16 waveform start at 09×0 UTC)


It’s not the first time they use that waveform, I called it « стра́нный-C »
Previously heard at 16.5Bd, 33Bd & 132Bd


update: November, 30
16.5Bd variant data for 6 minutes long

1300z 10174.0 USB
1320z 9243.0 USB
1340z 7663.0 USB

update: December, 1
132Bd variant data for 2min 45sec long

1200z 11557.0 USB
1210z 11083.0 USB
1220z 10161.0 USB
1230z 9267.0 USB
1240z 8097.0 USB
1250z 7563.0 USB

update: December, 4
66Bd variant data for 4min 28sec long

0900z ? (missed) but nearby 20837
0910z 19673.0 USB
0920z 18306.0 USB
0930z 16099.0 USB
0940z 14496.0 USB
0950z 13498.0 USB

33Bd variant data for 3min 53sec long (see December, 1st)

1200z 11557.0 USB
1210z 11083.0 USB
1220z 10161.0 USB
1230z 9267.0 USB
1240z 8097.0 USB
1250z 7563.0 USB