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FAF new frequencies ?

Spotted recently:

20806.0 USB FAF CNOA channel ‘CAPITOLE’ & ‘FAF4010’ enroute towards West Africa

8021.0 USB FAF CNOA? channel ‘DAMO10’ with ‘GENERAL’
‘DAMO10’ gave ETA & ETA max to ‘GENERAL’ for him and also for LETHAL31 (unid)
DAMO is known to be the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye from the French Navy carrier Charles de Gaulle, last time I’ve heard him was during the Lybia2011 conflict..

I suppose those 2016 comms belongs to whatever happens nearby Mosul these days..



French Awacs link-11

A link-11 activity is present on 7833.0 USB today
7833 is a common FAF E3CF frequency (2G ALE heard in the past)

Current 2G ALE frequencies between various CYRANOs (201,202,203,204) & MOBE3F (Main Operation Base, BA942 Lyon Mont Verdun or BA702 Avord ?!)
4745.0 USB
5684.0 USB
5747.0 USB
6745.0 USB
7833.0 USB
9423.5 USB
10965.0 USB
14591.5 USB
16160.0 USB