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AIR BC stn with DRM issue (17895.0 cf)


AIR broadcast station was not in good health today on 17895.0 cf (1040 utc)
The DRM waveform shown about 63% of data loss, every ~403ms



French Navy STANAG-4285 streams (replacing FSK-2)

I have noticed this weekend that the usual FSK-2 sent by the French Navy are no longer in use, looks like they were replaced by STANAG-4285 @ 600L (crypto.. of course..)

Those STANAG-4285 are easily recognizable on a waterfall because they have a ticking noise on each edge of the 2400Bd 8-ary waveform as shown on the screenshots below:

4325.0 USB & 4338.0 USB on this one.

4325.0 USB & 4338.0 USB   &   6430.0 USB on this one.

note1: the ticks aren’t sync..
note2: 8517.0 USB & 16966.0 USB are also impacted by that modification