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Italian Coast Guards FSK (bis repetita)

The Italian Coast Guards are using a new? FSK this evening on 8086.5 USB
Previously the FSK heard was at 100Bd/170Hz with an ACF of 184 bits (offset +1700Hz)

This evening, the settings are approx 10.8sec long bursts of FSK 400Bd/400Hz (offset +1700Hz). Bursts I’ve heard so far are showing an ACF of 216 bits.



Italian Coast Guards FSK?!

8086.5 USB (noisy xmitter) has some cyclic FSK bursts tonight
mode description: approx 22.7sec long of 100Bd/170Hz, sync, ACF=184, offset=1700Hz, starting & ending with reversals
unid mode for me..

btw, 8086.5 USB is a known Italian Coast Guards frequency (recent migrants activity in MED SEA was spotted this year)