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24–31 October – HF logs





Some news about this website

You probably noticed the website wasn’t updated for a long period, there are 4 reasons for this:
1/ propagation definitely gone bad in the last months
2/ I’ve modified the radio station and my main PC wasn’t moved to the shack room
3/ I am very busy at work (but still active on HF mobile daily)
4/ Summer holidays (where i had time to visit HEB Bern radio RX & TX sites)

I have updated my log (not much entries in the last months tho..) and i’m uploading a new log right now.. I’ll continue the log update



start message, yes.

Hello everyone
Welcome to this radio monitoring related site !

HF: Microtelecom SDR Perseus + JRC NRD-535 + ICOM IC706MK2G (mobile)
6el logper antenna (13-30MHz) 8m AGL + Skyloop 85m (perimeter) 13m AGL + 10MHz dipole
VHF/UHF: UNIDEN BCT15x, UBC3500XLT, YUPITERU MVT7100 x2 & RTL-BASED dongles (mobile & fixed)
various V/U antennas